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   Did you know that rust starts to form when iron is exposed to oxygen and water? In Southern Maine, Fluid Film undercoating can stop that. In the Northeast, we have plenty of wet weather, and in the winter we also have plenty of salt on the roads to speed up the process that destroys our cars and trucks.

   This process can be reduced or stopped altogether when Fluid Film is applied each year or better yet, every 6 months. Fluid Film creates a non-toxic barrier between the metals that your car is made of, and the water, the salt, and the oxygen that enable rust to start formation. Fluid Film will not evaporate or become sticky. This helps the migration of the product continue to other areas, even after the product is applied. Some other products contain solvents that will evaporate after application, leaving behind a product that looks and feels different than when it was applied. With Fluid Film, what you see during application is what stays behind to protect your vehicle. 

   So go ahead and click on the "Contact" page and set up an appointment, because here in Southern Maine, Fluid Film undercoating should be considered essential.


Oct 9, 2021

What We Do

Undercoating that won't harden or trap moisture.  In fact, Fluid Film creates a self repairing barrier between your car's construction, and the elements that trigger the oxidization and rusting process to start.

Tests Prove This Is The Best Undercoating That Money Can Buy

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Pricing Estimates

  • Compact car undercarriage

    • $175

  • Mid-sized car undercarriage

    • $200

  • Full sized car undercarriage

    • $225

  • Mid-sized truck undercarriage

    • $200

  • Full sized truck 2 door undercarriage

    • $225
    • 4 door trucks $250

  • Other vehicles & equipment

    Price is based upon type and size. Fill out our contact form for an estimate.

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