Maintenance Beyond Oil Changes

Maintaining your vehicle is much more than the car wash, oil changes and tires. Learn why.

Why Choose 207RustStop?

   207RustStop, here in Buxton, Maine wants to help you retain the resale value and extend the useful life of your vehicle by preventing rust and corrosion.  Fluid Film undercoating does just that when applied yearly. Rust can be very costly to repair, especially if it is done professionally and done properly. Because of this, the best course of action to avoid those costs is to prevent the rust from starting in the first place.

   When you purchase a new vehicle, the undercarriage is protected by paint. That paint is subjected to a sandblast effect while driving down the roads. As a result, the sand and rocks slowly chip away the paint, exposing bare metals to oxygen, moisture, and salt. This is where the rust will start. The rust will begin to expand underneath the painted surfaces, causing more paint to flake away, exposing more bare metal.

   With the application of Fluid Film undercoating, you can protect that bare metal from exposure to the elements. Most importantly, Fluid Film will "creep" across those bare surfaces as they become exposed, especially if the vehicle is treated every 6 months. Another way to explain the creeping of Fluid Film is that it is "self-repairing", unlike the hardened paint that the vehicle manufacturer applies. Moreover, there is no way for Fluid Film to peel off in the way rubberized undercoating or other hardening types of undercoating do. 

   So reach out to us on the Contact page, because Fluid Film undercoating in Southern Maine should be a regular practice. You only have something to gain by starting the protection process now.

  • Don't Let Rust Make Your Car Go Bust.

    Make time for your rust before rust makes time for you.

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2019 Nissan Rogue
2019 Nissan Rogue
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